Due to low levels and insufficient water at the end of the ditch Bloomfield Irrigation District is implementing a headgate program, please follow instructions that are on tagged headgates. This is to ensure a full ditch and sufficient water amounts for all water right owners. Thank you for your cooperation.

                           ​NM State Statute 73-9-35 Water volume insufficient; distribution

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Bloomfield Irrigation District

We will be presenting a different troublesome weed every month out of the NM State College New Mexico Noxious Weed List and Pamphlet. For more information or a pamphlet please give us a call or drop by the office.  

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Water is a precious commodity. New Mexico’s very viability as a state is dependent on its scant water supply. It will be up to all of us to help keep our rivers healthy , our reservoirs from shrinking and our cities and farmers with water. Please do your part and conserve when you can. Work together as a community to insure we have less stressed crops and healthy stock.